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May 3, 2023
The win-win of integrated employee mental health care for your business

Workplace mental health challenges are rising across industries, with more and more companies seeking ways to support their employees' well-being.

Cigna Healthcare research shows that integrating benefits that holistically support workers – efficiently connecting them to coordinated medical, behavioral, and pharmacy care through centralized data platforms – can result in a tangible win-win: Improved employee mental health and cost savings for employers.

Employee mental health matters

Research indicates that industries across the board – from professional services and technology to hospitals and manufacturing – are dealing with increasing levels of employee stress and burnout, which are negatively impacting productivity and spurring turnover.

As more workers struggle with their mental health, they are turning to their employers for support. Recent research found that 82% of employees believe employers have a responsibility to care for their workforce. However, while 87% of employers believe their organization currently demonstrates care, only 65% of employees agree.

The first step is understanding and acknowledging that a gap exists between employer perceptions and the reality employees experience. From there, employers can help bridge this gap and break down barriers through better benefits integration. A fully integrated health plan can simplify and connect your employees' health care experiences, improving health outcomes and lowering total costs of care so that businesses can move down a path of continued growth.

The value of integrating benefits

Cigna Healthcare’s 2022 Value of Integration Study shows how employers can effectively address employee mental health at a lower cost by offering benefits that work together. Employers saved $148 per member per year on overall medical costs when integrating total behavioral health and pharmacy with a Cigna Healthcare medical benefits plan. When plan members were taking specialty drugs and were diagnosed with depression, savings for employers were even greater – totaling almost $17,500 per member per year.

In addition to cost savings, Cigna Healthcare’s integrated approach to health offers the following distinct advantages that help drive mental health improvement:

  • Extra oversight and support: Every point along the employee's health care journey is considered, offering more opportunities to identify and help them overcome behavioral health challenges, such as stress, anxiety, or depression.
  • Connected providers: Cigna Healthcare's integrated data platform makes it easier for providers to collaborate and establish a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses physical, emotional, and social needs.
  • A culture of health: Holistic benefits promote a culture of health, which fosters higher levels of vitality resulting in a more motivated, productive, and confident workforce.
  • Simple experience: An integrated health plan makes it easier for employees to navigate their health care, which can inspire them to participate in wellness programs. In fact, our study shows that when members participated in health improvement programs, such as wellness coaching, employers realized an annual savings of more than $1,400 per member per year.

Reassess your mental health benefits strategy

Without question, a company's financial health is tied to the overall well-being of its most valuable resource: employees. How well does your current benefits plan support your people to the mental health care they need?

By partnering with Cigna Healthcare, we can help ensure the financial health of your organization with comprehensive benefit designs that go beyond traditional medical coverage. By integrating medical, pharmacy, and behavioral health benefits that all work together cohesively, your employees can experience holistic care that leads to better outcomes.

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