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Jun 22, 2020
Increase Peace of Mind with Cigna’s Supplemental Health Solutions

Everyday stress and worries about unexpected health care costs are top-of-mind concerns across all generations – from Millennials, to Gen Xers, to Boomers. Supplemental Health insurance plans – like Critical Illness, Accidental Injury and Hospital Care plans – can provide peace of mind around these everyday stressors, and most importantly, can help people restore their financial, emotional, and physical well-being when it’s needed most – after an unplanned diagnosis or accident. 

Cigna has reviewed research and looked at customer medical claims to offer coverage for a wider range of conditions and diagnoses that are most meaningful and that resonate with all generations of workers. These plans can help customers Bounce Back WholeTM – an approach that provides a more predictable, more precise customer experience and can help them bounce back, body and mind.

For a more in-depth look Cigna’s Supplemental Health Solutions innovation and to learn more about coverage that appeals to all generations, check out Cigna’s white paper, Supplemental Health Plans Provide Peace of Mind [PDF].