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Mar 6, 2023
Video: Six ways employers can elevate workforce vitality
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Total well-being encompasses more than body and mind.

There are six lesser-known dimensions of health that must be addressed when building a culture of health and elevating employee vitality. Watch the video below to learn more.

1. Environmental well-being

Employers can enhance workers' environmental well-being with policies and programs that promote a supportive and safe workplace. Inspiring spaces can also help employees feel more comfortable and motivated to connect within their work environment.

2. Financial well-being

Employers can drive wellness in this area through health insurance benefits that help employees afford their health care and by providing opportunities to increase compensation. Access to easy-to-use apps and other financing and counseling services can help employees stay on top of their personal finances.

3. Social well-being

Companies can foster connections between coworkers, managers, and senior leaders through collaborative (and yes, sometimes non-work-related) team meetings, town hall events, volunteer activities, and health promotion campaigns.

4. Intellectual well-being

Employers can set the stage for intellectual well-being by offering opportunities to learn new skills and prioritizing recognition programs.

5. Spiritual well-being

Making workers feel valued, nurturing a sense of autonomy, encouraging mindfulness, and providing growth opportunities are all ways companies can help employees find more meaning and purpose in the workplace.

6. Occupational well-being

Enabling occupational well-being starts with training managers to be empathetic, offering programming and learnings for employees on work-life balance, and by encouraging leadership to demonstrate how they manage work and life.

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