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Jun 8, 2019
Personalized Support Helps Customers Navigate a Complex Health Terrain

We've been there too, trying to make a health care decision and having no idea where to start. In fact, more than half of American adults struggle to understand and navigate the complexities of the U.S. health care system1. With something as critical as our health, wouldn't it be great if someone was reminding us to get an annual check-up, helping us find the closest urgent care for our kids, or easily track health-related expenses?

Cigna One Guide personalized support does all of that, helping individuals to take control of their health and health costs with just a swipe, click, or call. It delivers high-tech health care support with a human touch, giving friendly nudges, and notifications to support healthy lifestyle changes, and connecting individuals with a team of personal guides.

“There is no denying that making decisions about our health can be confusing,” says Jackie Aube, Cigna vice president for customer strategy and personalization. “Cigna One Guide customers can have peace of mind that they are never alone as they navigate a complex health care system.”

Aube says One Guide personal guides – which eligible customers can contact via the myCigna® website or app, click to chat or by phone – can help them on matters such as finding the health care provider who best meets their needs, receiving preventive services, benefiting from health improvement programs, and taking advantage of financial rewards that may be available through their employer.

“One Guide support offers the ease of intelligent digital experiences with the empathy and expertise of a team of personal guides,” Aube says. “It not only delivers clear, personalized guidance when customers need it, but also when they may not even realize they need it.”

And, we have the numbers to prove it's helping people live healthier. When using One Guide support, there was 133 percent higher utilization of preventive care2 and 21 percent more customers engaged in chronic condition coaching3. It also helps save money. We’ve seen 50 percent more use of high-value health care providers4 and 7 percent lower medical costs for customers who frequently use our tools and services5. Our customers are happy as well. The Net Promoter Score (NPS)6 among One Guide support users has improved nearly 10 points.

This is all a part of Cigna’s customer-centric approach to health care. By providing a comprehensive view of benefits, in-network care options, fund balances, health programs, and related activities, One Guide personalized support, which can be included with an employer’s Cigna-administered medical plan7, offers whole-person support and more peace of mind when it comes to health and health costs.


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