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Jun 10, 2021
Cigna’s Chief Clinical Officer on How Insurers are Leveraging Data to Improve Vaccine Acceptance

In a recent New England Journal of Medicine Catalyst opinion piece, Cigna Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Steve Miller and Humana’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. William Shrank discussed how health insurers are working together to leverage data, community engagement, and member outreach to ensure equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccinations – especially among analyzed health insurance providers’ collaboration and creative approaches to the equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.

Both Dr. Miller and Dr. Shrank are a part of the Vaccine Community Connectors (VCC) leadership team, which has become the epicenter for this collaboration, striving to encourage the vaccination of Americans in the most vulnerable communities.

”In the face of great challenges, collaboration between the public and private sectors is ever more important, and creative partnerships have been the hallmark of the health system’s response to the pandemic,” Drs. Miller and Shrank wrote. “By aligning around key priorities, like promoting an equitable response to the pandemic, the health insurance industry is attempting to do our part. As we continue to seek new and innovative ways to partner with other private and public sector partners — leveraging our data, analytics, clinical assets, as well as trusted community and member relationships — we commit to sharing our learnings and improving the way we serve our members in support of our ultimate goal of delivering better health outcomes and experiences for all of our members.”

Read the full article here.