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Apr 23, 2020
Faced with a Delayed Surgery?

Cigna is helping customers manage their musculoskeletal (MSK) health care and pain management needs, as well as assisting providers avoid unexpected burdens stemming from elective surgery delays due to COVID-19.

“We realize that COVID-19 has impacted our customers in a variety of ways beyond just dealing with the virus itself, and we want to make sure they have access to virtual care and pain management support while waiting for surgery, as well as be ready to assist them when surgeries resume,” Dr. David Mino, National Medical Director Orthopedic Surgery and Spinal Disorders at Cigna.

Cigna recently extended the authorization window for all elective outpatient services and medications by 90 days during the public health emergency, removing administrative burdens for both providers and customers. In addition, Cigna is working with providers to help customers access physical therapy and other services virtually. 

“We know our customers and providers are facing many challenges right now, but we’re hopeful that by extending pre-authorizations and making physical therapy available virtually, we can remove some of the stress. These actions also remove burdens for providers, allowing them to focus on their patients,” said Dr. Mino.

Once surgeries resume, Cigna’s surgical and treatment support program1 will provide financial security to customers by covering knee, hip, spine and other MSK-related surgeries with specific high-quality surgeons and providers at 100%.2 This program also includes supporting pre- and post-surgery needs, all through a concierge service experience available to self-funded commercial clients.

Cigna's suite of comprehensive, holistic services can address physical pain and discomfort, while also helping customers manage mental well-being like anxiety while waiting for surgeries. Programs include:

  • Treatment Decision Support Programs for back pain and osteoarthritis of the hip or knee, including medications, home exercises, and physical therapy.
  • Comprehensive pain management programs that provide education, advocacy, and referral to preferred pain specialists and opioid management programs, as well as mental wellness resources.
  • Home delivery of maintenance mediations to reduce risk of COVID-19 exposure.
  • A 24/7 Health Information Nurse Line and access to Behavioral Health Clinicians for crisis support.
  • Increased access to virtual care providers to support mental health or substance use concerns, including MAP Health Management, a virtual network of peer recovery specialists.3
  • EAP sessions to provide emotional support, recognizing 33% of customers with lower back pain also suffer from depression.4

To learn more about what Cigna is doing to help customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, visit our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Center.

1Available in TN and Orlando

2After deductible for customers with health savings accounts

3This program is only available in in TX, FL, NY, NJ, CT, MD, VA, IL, PA, and DC

4Cigna YHF National Book of Business Analysis, 2017