Mar 23, 2021
Care Management Improves COVID-19 Outcomes Through Powerful Personal Support

A recent study by Cigna found that employed individuals who engaged in Cigna’s Health Matters Care Management following COVID-19 hospitalization can save up to nearly $2,000 in monthly individual health care costs by 60 days after discharge. In addition, those engaged individuals who applied for short-term disability also returned to work 8 days sooner.

This Cigna study, which explored the impact of COVID-19 on the American workforce, is one of the first nationwide aggregate COVID-19 studies published by a health plan.

Care management offers personal guidance and support from Cigna personal nurse advocates, who help individuals discharged from the hospital navigate and manage their aftercare plan. The advocates connect these individuals with the information and resources they need to make their aftercare appointments, follow their medication regimen, and address any emotional issues or other concerns as they get back on the path to good health. Engagement in post-discharge aftercare can help individuals mitigate and prevent post-COVID complications, which can then lead to lower costs and time away from work.

Read the article [PDF] for more details about how care management makes a difference for those with COVID-19.