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Jan 19, 2021
Cigna Announces New International Scholastic Solution for Those Studying Abroad

To further support the well-being and peace of mind of students and academic faculty around the world, Cigna recently introduced Cigna StudyWell™, a flexible insurance cover that offers comprehensive health benefits for students, faculty and chaperones participating in study abroad programs. The solution is made available through a partnership with German-based InterNations an independent network and resource for expatriates across 420 cities and 166 countries, and with 4 million members worldwide. 

“The Cigna StudyWell™ solution was specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the student population, both for U.S. students traveling abroad and international students around the globe,” said Ann Asbaty, CEO, Cigna Global Employer Health (CGEH) Americas. “When students are far away from their home country, it’s not uncommon to experience stress and mental health challenges for which coverage has been previously lacking. With Cigna StudyWell™, we’re able to provide peace of mind that comes from knowing that whole person support and care is available and accessible.” 

Cigna StudyWell™ medical coverage includes telehealth access, mental health and substance abuse treatment, and prescription and maintenance drugs. The program has two flexible and tailored plans one for students traveling outbound from the U.S. and another for students traveling to the U.S. for their studies. Outbound students, typically traveling for shorter periods of time, require unexpected illness and injury cover. Students coming to the U.S. are typically in-country for longer periods and require more comprehensive cover.   

“With a shared commitment to the well-being and successful adjustment of those we serve, the collaboration between InterNations and Cigna is a natural one,” shared Philipp von Plato, founder and Co-CEO at InterNations. 

CGEH Vice President of Sales, Russ Hyde, added, “Our common values and complementary services make this a great fit, and we’re excited about this endeavor.” 

For more information on CGEH, visit cignaglobalhealth.com