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Jun 17, 2021
Cigna Reaffirms Commitment to Serve Growing Number of ACA Exchange Customers As Supreme Court Decision Leaves ACA Intact

It has been more than a decade since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) became law and created more access to health coverage for millions of Americans. Since the inception of the ACA health insurance exchanges, Cigna has played an important role in making the law’s promise a reality. Today’s Supreme Court ruling ensures we can continue providing individuals and families with the affordable, stable health coverage they need and deserve. We look forward to continuing to serve hundreds of thousands of customers and growing our ACA exchange business. 

We have, and will continue to, take a thoughtful and deliberate approach to the ACA marketplace, participating where we can deliver access to more affordable, predictable, and simple health care. We worked closely with federal and state government leaders to successfully operationalize the exchanges, and we’ve continued to partner with them to ensure that exchange plans provide high-quality, affordable coverage to those who need it.

There is still work to do to better address the underlying affordability issues plaguing our health care system, but the ACA exchanges are an example of a successful public-private partnership. We are committed to advancing policies that will improve access and affordability – aligning health care delivery around the patient. 

Cigna remains a strong advocate for high-quality, affordable health care that includes continuing and expanding our presence in the exchanges. We believe the best path forward is to strengthen what works in America’s health care system – building on the employer-based health care system and public-private partnerships.