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Mar 5, 2024
Cigna Healthcare and actress Holly Robinson Peete highlight ‘invisible’ workplace challenges

As mental health continues to be a priority in the workplace, it’s critical for employers to understand the challenges and situations their employees face. Employers also need to be aware of their role in helping to support their employees to create a healthy workforce.

We know it can be hard to see the challenges the people we work with are going through. At Cigna Healthcare, we refer to this as “The Visibility Gap,” which describes the gap in awareness that can exist between employees and the people they work with and for, every day.

That’s why we are so excited to announce our collaboration with Holly Robinson Peete, acclaimed actress, author, and philanthropist, on the new podcast series, The Visibility Gap, that shines a light on the often-invisible challenges that employees face, such as stress, burnout, and balancing being a caregiver while working. Robinson Peete hosts this podcast series, convening insights, conversations, and guidance through the personal stories of six people who have felt unseen at work. Listeners will learn how they can better see and support their own colleagues and teammates – who may be facing similar invisible struggles – and how they can help close the visibility gap.

“Unseen employees are people who face invisible challenges that affect their quality of life and work and that go largely unrecognized and unaddressed,” Robinson Peete said. “Examples of invisible challenges are feeling misunderstood, not being able to show your true self, or feeling you need to hide parts of your life in the workplace. Unseen employees can be present in every company across every industry.”

Each podcast episode is about 30 minutes and features expert guests, along with people who have experienced these challenges firsthand. Robinson Peete and her guests navigate emotional, challenging topics in the workplace and provide guidance on how to best support the problems being discussed:

  • Episode 1: Seeing the Unseen
  • Episode 2: The Breaking Point
  • Episode 3: The Balancing Act
  • Episode 4: Unseen & Misunderstood

Listeners can access The Visibility Gap podcasts on Spotify, iHeart Radio, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, and via the Cigna Healthcare Newsroom.

“The Visibility Gap will help business leaders identify, understand, and better address the issues of unseen employees,” said Bryan Holgerson, president of U.S. Commercial at Cigna Healthcare. “We are hoping this podcast series will encourage companies to be more open minded and aware of some of the challenges their employees may be facing, to be better equipped to help them.”

Listen to the first episode below, with more coming in the next few weeks.



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