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May 14, 2024
Mental health care and support when customers need it

The United States is dealing with a serious mental health crisis. While 25% of adults indicate they have a behavioral health issue, more than half will not receive care. Those who see a therapist face an average wait of more than a month for their first appointment.

Untreated mental illness is highly correlated with shorter lifespans and poor physical health – along with overall health care costs that are up to six times higher than for people who receive treatment. Consider the following stats:

Cigna Total Behavioral Health is better by design

Employers need a partner that can help them overcome these barriers to mental health care and ensure their employees are getting the care they need, when they need it.

We’re here 24/7/365

We begin by providing in-the-moment care and administrative answers at any time and every day of the year. We are always available, which matters because nearly 40% of calls are outside of regular business hours.  Our team doesn't just answer questions about claims and benefits: Licensed clinicians also are available by phone. And we follow up with every member to ensure they are satisfied with their behavioral care providers and the other services they receive.

Diversity matters

Mental health care isn’t one size fits all. People have different backgrounds, preferences, and needs. Building diverse networks and connecting customers to providers in those networks is a critical part of making access to care easier. Our large network of providers plays a crucial role in better access and in creating a better and more personalized experience for customers throughout their care journey.


While network size is important, the availability of quality providers is essential. We deliver speed and quality, with appointments in as few as two days with our highly ranked provider partners, including Alma, Bicycle Health, Brightside, Headway Care, Meru Health, and Rula.

Many people prefer to have similar personal characteristics as their doctors and other clinicians. That’s why, in addition to expanding our network, we focus on strategically selecting providers who represent a range of diverse specialties. Customers can indicate their preferences to ensure they find a provider they feel comfortable with and are understood by – a critical part of an effective, ongoing patient-provider relationship.

Better experience, better results

Cigna Healthcare is always striving to deliver a better, simpler, more personalized approach to mental health care with measurable results: 

  • 24/7 clinical support
  • A care navigator serves as a single point of contact throughout the care journey
  • 100% follow-up to ensure satisfaction with behavioral care providers and that customer needs are addressed
  • Therapist matching and help finding appointments
  • Virtual appointments, often within two business days
  • Intelligent provider matching based on customer preferences
  • Mental health and clinical text-based coaching
  • Access to virtual, in-person, and digital providers
  • Self-guided digital tool to boost resilience


To learn how you can support your employees and lower costs through Cigna Healthcare’s suite of preventive, holistic solutions, visit cigna.com/better or contact your broker or representative today.

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