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May 14, 2024
From our clients: How Cigna Healthcare innovates and integrates for a better experience

The National Accounts Forum is Cigna Healthcare’s premier annual thought leadership event that brings together benefits decision makers from more than 150 of our largest U.S. Employer clients. It is a valuable opportunity to discuss industry trends, understand our clients’ most pressing challenges, and engage in a dialogue with them on topics that are top of mind for them. Cigna Healthcare is truly honored that some of our clients shared how we partner with them to help them achieve their goals through innovations, data-led insights, and seamless benefits integration.

Trinija Martin, Deputy HR Director, Wake County Government

Trinija Martin

The Cigna difference is the relationship with clients. My client manager understands our organization and understands our needs. Cigna takes the time to do a deep dive into our claims data and experience. They identify behaviors and patterns of our employees, and come back and recommend solutions that are, one, affordable, and [two] that are useful to our population. [Then they] help us to engage in communication strategies to drive utilization. And those things are very critical and key for employees to adopt programming that Cigna may be providing.

Kitty Hardin, Director of Employee Benefits, Mohawk Industries

Kitty Harden

Cigna really puts innovation in the forefront of what they’re doing. If you did the same thing as last year, you’re not going to move the needle. We’re not going to be able to do the things we want to do. Our population is changing, people are changing, [their] needs are changing. And with Cigna, were able to partner with them to meet the ever-changing, ever-evolving needs, and really innovation is driving that. What we can do differently, how we can get to it differently, and really look at the person, not just a number or a name, but understand how we can we help this person.

Laura Barlow, Lead Health and Group Benefits Advisor, JM Family

Laura Barlow

I think one of the ways that Cigna is really good at keeping us aware of things that are coming is they’re able to relate it directly back to our actual population. So we’re not just being introduced to things that are generic or macro. We’re being brought solutions in way that’s meaningful to us.

Karen Hill, Director, Total Rewards, LSG Group

Karen Hill

The one constant in the 17 years that we have been with Cigna is [their] commitment to making change in the health care field and making sure that they are the top carrier and that [our] employees are their priority. Cigna stays on top of things, [and] that is a benefit to us because as they grow, we grow. As their plans grow and what they offer grow, we grow. As they come into the forefront with new ideas, new innovation, new ways of doing things, new ways of thinking, it pushes [us] to do that as well. And we benefit from what is happening there.

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