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Sep 28, 2022
Cigna Transforms Care Experience for Patients With Complex Conditions With Launch of Full Spectrum, Cost-Saving Products
  • The concierge service from Cigna Pathwell creates a personalized end-to-end health journey for each patient and streamlines benefits management for their employer
  • Pathwell integrates Cigna's high-performing provider networks and medical benefits management with Evernorth's analytics, clinical expertise, and personalized digital support

BLOOMFIELD, Conn., Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Cigna (NYSE:CI), a global health service company, unveiled Cigna Pathwell, a new, industry-leading suite of products that connects customers with quality care providers to help improve health outcomes and lower costs for customers, their families, and their employers. Cigna Pathwell harnesses the analytics, clinical expertise, treatment planning, and personalized digital solutions within Evernorth, Cigna's health services business, and integrates them with Cigna's medical benefits management and high-performing provider networks to create a comprehensive and personalized care experience for patients living with high-cost health conditions.

The Cigna Pathwell suite is launching with products to address two of the biggest drivers of health care spending: infused or injectable biologic medicines and musculoskeletal pain. Pathwell will continue to expand to address emerging health trends.

"Our clients and customers are exhausted by the fragmented health care system. They want one place to go to get a personalized experience for their entire health care journey," said Heather Dlugolenski, senior vice president, U.S. solutions, Cigna. "Cigna Pathwell connects customers with the providers and therapies that are best suited to their unique health conditions and – through our unparalleled data and expertise – can help anticipate their future needs to help them recover faster. For employers, Cigna Pathwell means lower costs, less time communicating between different tools, and streamlined benefits management for high-cost, intensive conditions, so they can focus more of their time on what matters most: their business and their workforce."

Pathwell SpecialtySM supports patients with complex or rare conditions

Cigna Pathwell SpecialtySM works within the medical and pharmacy benefits to coordinate and drive down the cost of care, both for patients who need infusions or injectable medicines and for their health plans.

Patients in enrolled plans receive concierge service from Pathwell Specialty's dedicated care management team to connect them to convenient, quality, and affordable options for infusion therapies through Cigna's national Pathwell network of quality providers. The patient's treating physician continues to oversee their care, and the patient can receive infusions from participating hospitals, infusion centers, physicians' offices, or, in some cases, at home. Alternatively, treating providers can order specialty infused or injected medications directly through a specialty pharmacy in the Cigna Pathwell Specialty network.

"Biologic medicines can be life-changing for patients, but only if they can afford them," said Dr. Ajani Nimmagadda, chief medical officer, Cigna Pharmacy. "These innovative therapies account for 65% of drug spending, even though only 4% of Cigna customers need them. Cigna Pathwell Specialty leverages the unique expertise across Cigna and Evernorth to drive down the total cost of care for patients and their plans and ensures that these patients navigating complex health conditions have the personalized support they need to thrive."

Over time, Cigna Pathwell Specialty will expand to include additional care services to support patients using infused or injected therapies throughout their health journey, including behavioral, wellness, and nutritional services, and virtual visits with doctors. It will also include support and resources for patients' caregivers through the Cigna Caregiver Bridge Program.

Addressing musculoskeletal conditions through Pathwell Bone & JointSM

A recent study from the Evernorth Research Institute found that nearly one in four people seek care for "wear and tear" musculoskeletal conditions such as strains and sprains, and that these conditions drive significantly higher health care spending – accounting for nearly two-thirds of all musculoskeletal care utilization and spend. 

Pathwell Bone & JointSM combines Cigna's national network of quality providers, personalized benefit designs, programs with whole-person support, access to behavioral health care, and physical therapy (digitally or in-person). Cigna's capabilities, combined with Evernorth's digital navigation tools and advanced predictive analytics that can anticipate a surgery up to a year in advance, create a holistic, integrated musculoskeletal solution that will improve health outcomes while reducing unnecessary surgeries that can lead to increased costs. If surgery is necessary, Cigna's benefit provides support with low or zero cost for surgery from admission through discharge. The Evernorth study also found that musculoskeletal spend can be reduced up to 40% with appropriate interventions and better-coordinated care – which is what Pathwell is designed to provide.

The Cigna Pathwell suite of solutions is available to many U.S. commercial clients, and its availability will be expanded throughout 2023. The suite will continue to evolve based on this flexible blueprint for innovation to support the needs of health plans and patients navigating a range of complex health conditions. 

About Cigna

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