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May 5, 2022
Cigna Launches Provider Consult Service to Drive Better Outcomes for Cancer Patients, Powered by Evernorth
  • Pilot results showed that 40% of patients with complex cancers benefited from updated treatment guidance
  • Tech-enabled service harnesses the power of Cigna and Evernorth's combined capabilities to support both patients and community oncologists
  • Service enhances Cigna's suite of integrated oncology solutions, which drives better health outcomes for patients throughout cancer journey

BLOOMFIELD, Conn., May 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Cigna Corporation (NYSE: CI) announced a new service to improve health outcomes for patients with complex cancers. The service, powered by Cigna's health services business Evernorth, connects patients and their community oncologists with cancer subspecialty experts at National Cancer Institute (NCI) designated centers. By connecting community oncologists with national subspecialty experts, patients benefit from the latest developments in the rapidly-advancing fields of diagnostic innovations and evidence-based research, all while keeping the patient's care close to home and family.

"Clinical innovations in oncology continue to accelerate at an unprecedented pace, fueled by genomic data, precision medicine, and an explosion of new treatment options," said Eric Gratias, M.D., an oncologist and chief medical officer for eviCore, an Evernorth company that manages medical benefits. "By using our powerful analytics to identify patients with complex cancer cases, we can bring the right experts together at a critical time in an individual's cancer journey to drive better health outcomes."

Proven Results

In a pilot with select Cigna health plan customers, 85% of eligible community oncologists and their patients participated in the program by having their treatment plans reviewed by expert oncologists in the PinnacleCare network of medical centers of excellence across the country. Among the reviewed cases, 40% of patients benefited from recommendations for alternative tests and therapy choices based on the newest advancements in research and treatment innovations.

"Cancer is one of the most complex, fragmented, and evolving medical conditions in health care," said Scott Josephs, M.D., chief medical officer, Cigna. "Through the power of Cigna's family of companies, we have best-in-class capabilities across the continuum of care to predict, identify, and connect patients with the care they need, in partnership with their treating oncologists. This consultative service is an important expansion of Cigna's integrated approach to supporting patients throughout their cancer journey to drive better health outcomes and lower costs."

Enhanced Treatment Experience, Strong Network of Expert Cancer Centers

Using proprietary technology, Cigna identifies patients recently diagnosed with a complex cancer, such as certain types of lung, breast, colon, or other cancers, who are most likely to benefit from a consultative review. Patients' diagnoses and treatment plans are then reviewed by cancer subspecialty experts from one of more than 20 NCI-designated cancer centers to recommend the best possible tests, therapies, or clinical trial opportunities for the individual's cancer type.

An Integrated Approach to Achieve Better Health Outcomes and Lower Costs

The provider consult service augments Cigna's holistic suite of oncology solutions, which includes personalized case management for patients and their families, mental health services, financial support services, collaborative partnerships with oncology providers that prioritize better health outcomes, and evidence-based strategies to manage the high cost of oncology medicines for patients and their plan sponsors. This integrated offering of behavioral, medical and pharmacy solutions support patients and their families throughout the cancer journey, from pre-diagnosis to treatment and post-cancer care and survivorship.

The provider consult service is now in place for select Cigna clients, and is being expanded broadly for both Cigna clients and clients of eviCore.

About Cigna

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