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Apr 17, 2024

New research highlights the state of youth mental health and the depth of challenges facing working parents who care for young people with mental health issues – and what more employers can do to help.

Health care that’s better by design

Health care that’s better by design

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Top Stories #1
Jun 20, 2024

In summer, Americans enjoy spending more and more time outside – particularly children relishing their time away from school. Learn more about bike safety tips that can keep kids safe.

Top Stories #2
Jun 3, 2024

Serious health issues can affect anyone in our society, and health care workers are no exception. Read more to learn about the challenges and solutions for enhancing the health and vitality of health care workers.

Top Stories #3
Apr 26, 2024

We sat down with Holly Robinson Peete to talk about the unseen challenges people face in the workplace, some of the biggest lessons she learned from podcast guests, and the role of employers in building workplace cultures.

Top Stories #4
Apr 30, 2024

Cigna Healthcare and HelloFresh have joined forces to provide free meal kits to communities in need through joint support of HelloFresh's Meals with Meaning program and to offer exclusive discounts for nutritious HelloFresh meal kits to as many as 12 million people through their employers.

Top Stories #5
Apr 5, 2024

While caregiving for a loved one can be rewarding, it can take a toll on the caregiver’s emotional and physical health, resulting in anxiety and depression.

Top Stories #6
Feb 27, 2024

Health and nutrition are a vital part of good health, and Cigna Healthcare is committed to promoting healthy eating and enabling access to healthful foods in communities across the United States.

Top Stories #7
Feb 5, 2024

Employers face a growing demand to design health and well-being benefit programs that consider the unique health needs of women in all life stages.

Top Stories #8
Jan 22, 2024

The health care outlook for 2024 and beyond has a number of encouraging trends for the employers who provide health insurance to employees and their families.

Top Stories #9
Mar 1, 2024

More people have recognized the value and convenience of virtual care. So it is no surprise that new service options continue to pop up, with the latest choices.