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The Heart of a Healthy Workforce

The COVID-19 pandemic has arguably changed the world of work more radically than any other single event in a century. Research shows that employers who embrace a well workforce will continue to position themselves ahead of the curve.

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The Future of Pharmacy Solutions

Explore the key converging forces that are shaping how this sector is expected to experience meaningful growth over the next decade.

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COVID-19 Impact Trends

In one of the first nationwide COVID-19 claims analyses conducted by a health plan, Cigna explored how the impact of the pandemic has altered the course of health care for its customers.

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Building Greater Resilience

The Cigna Resilience Index reveals that resilience -- or our ability to quickly recover from challenges – is at risk in three in five Americans, and finds that there are simple ways to build resilience.

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Loneliness In America

Cigna is taking a comprehensive approach toward addressing loneliness and improving mental wellness in America.

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