Health Equity

For more than a decade, Cigna has promoted the identification of health disparities and influenced the development of solutions that result in more equitable health among our customers, our workforce, and in the community.

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Addressing Health Equity in the Workplace

Cigna has made a long-term committment to address the Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) and health disparities that negatively affect our customers and communities. 

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Health Equity Spotlight: Addressing Health Disparities in the Black Community

Black Americans are all too familiar with the impact of health disparities in America. Generational inequities, racism, and social injustice have led to barriers to care within health care system, placing many Black Americans at a disadvantage.

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Addressing Health Disparities and Social Determinants of Health for the Medicare Population

We sat down with Cigna's Dr. Alla Zilbering to explore the health barriers that the senior population faces, as well as what providers and the health care industry as a whole should be doing to reduce gaps in care and improve health outcomes for all Americans.

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Cigna's Approach to Gender-Affirming Care

The gender-affirmation process can be a long, complex, and emotional roller coaster. Enter Cigna's My Personal Champion team, which works with Cigna Health Plan customers (including our employees) to make gender-affirming care as simple and easy as possible.

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Cigna’s Strategy to Keep Costs Low for People with Diabetes Yields Savings, Improves Medication Adherence

Look at some of the ways our approach to diabetes care has helped patients save money, and improve medication adherence and health outcomes.

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Embedding Health Equity into Cigna's Culture, Systems, Policies and Practices

Cigna has a dedicated team whose sole focus is making health equity a part of how our company does business. 

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Inside Cigna's Data-Driven Approach to Health Equity

We utilize a variety of data sources and tools that allow us to analyze specifc populations to understand their potential health disadvantages.

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Driving Health Equity for the Hispanic American Community

Hispanics are a growing segment of the United States population, representing 19% of people living in the U.S. In spite of this growth, health disparities remain an issue.

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Do you Have Undiagnosed Diabetes? Health Disparities and Tips for Early Detection

Imagine this: You’ve been diagnosed with COVID-19. After running additional tests, the doctor brings unexpected news. You also have Type 2 diabetes.

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Championing Cultural Competency to Better Serve Diabetes Patients in the Black Community

Building cultural competency among health care providers is key to making diabetes management easier for Black patients.

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Using Education and Advocacy To Reduce Health Disparities Among South Asians

Cigna is committed to help reduce health disparities for the South Asian population through cultural competency training for health care providers and community and employee outreach.

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There’s a Business Case for Health Equity and Companies are all on the Hook to Achieve it, says EY

New research from global consulting firm EY encourages companies both within and outside of the health care industry to consider health equity as a strategic imperative.

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Underserved Communities at Greater Risk for Non-adherence to Diabetes Medication

Evernorth Geographic Social Determinants Index (EGSDI) identifies opportunities for proactive patient and community engagement for individuals diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

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3 Trends To Watch: Behavioral Health, Maternal Health, and Health Equity

Dr. Neema Stephens, national medical director for health equity at Cigna, talks about the work she is doing to effect change in population health.


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Going Through a Tough Time?

Cigna has resources that can help. Cigna has made access to a website that can locate programs and services, like free or low-cost housing, food, education, transportation and more, available to anyone in a given community.

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