The Future of Pharmacy Solutions

Explore the key converging forces that are shaping how this sector is expected to experience meaningful growth over the next decade.

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Meaningful Growth Expected from Pharmacy Solutions Organizations

New white paper details the significant value these organizations will bring over the next decade.

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Specialty Pharmacies Help Improve Health Care Affordability, New Research Confirms

According to new research from AHIP, the cost to patients and their health plans is particularly high when specialty drugs are administered to patients in a hospital setting. The key finding: Specialty pharmacies are the more affordable option.

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Understanding Prior Authorizations for Prescription Drugs

Prior authorization – also called preauthorization, preapproval, and precertification – is a tool that helps health plans protect patient health and safety and improve affordability by reducing unnecessary costs.

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Cigna Continues Efforts to Lower Prescription Drug Costs by Promoting Biosimilars

Cigna has been a long-time advocate for greater biosimilar adoption as part of our commitment to creating affordable access to health care in a way that is simple and predictable.  

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